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Hunt Resources

Well, just reposting the resources list. Credit goes completely to betchctg.

Movie database sites to help with brainstorming subject ideas:

• The Internet Movie Database ( I find their Power Search page ( to be very useful for limiting titles by year and genre. Or look up your favorite actor and see which of his/her films utilize the letter you need.

Sites with film lists, also good for coming up with ideas:

• The National Film Registry ( lists all of the movies chosen by the Library of Congress to date. While you're there, check out the rest of the site for more information on this very cool undertaking.
• The American Film Institute's 100 Years Lists
• has an A-Z Movie Listing that is quite handy.
• offers many lists for different genres. There's a lot of great poster art, as well.
• NEW! has many awesome alphabetical film lists

Okay, so you finally have an idea for your subject, but now you need images to work with. Try these sites:

When using these, please follow any rules set by the community/site owner, and remember to credit.

Screencap Sources:

Cap It on LiveJournal
Classic Caps' Journal on LiveJournal

Other Image Sources

Google Image Search lists links to Image sites on it's site map under "Net Links". Some of them are pretty useful.
• If you go to and choose an actor, at the bottom of their page you will find a link for their movie "moments". Most of the images are quite good, if on the smaller side.
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