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Classic ABC

A Classic Film Alphabet Icon Challenge

Classic Film Alphabet Icon Challenge
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A weekly classic films icontest

Welcome to classic_abc, a weekly classic film icontest where we use letters of the alphabet as challenge themes. We'll be going from "A" to "Z", then starting all over again! Any film made during or before the year 1975 will be acceptable as an icon subject.

• Icons must fit LiveJournal size standards: no larger than 100x100 pixels; 40kb or smaller; PNG, GIF, or JPEG formats ONLY.

• Challenges will be alphabet themed. You may submit an icon which focuses on a character whose first or last name begins with the letter, a film which begins with the letter, or a specific aspect of a film that corresponds with the letter (for example, you might create an icon featuring umbrellas in Singin' in the Rain during "U" week). NEW!: Any "aspects" must be tangible things from the film, and not general themes (for example, you would not be able to use the theme of "friendship" during "f" week). Song titles do count, however, as long as the song has a production number built around it, and your icon uses an image from that production number. Actors' names do not qualify - characters only.

• In addition to the above-explained Hunt Challenges, we will also have Image Challenges occasionally, where you will be able to work with provided screencaps or pictures.


• You may submit up to 3 icons for each challenge.

• Icons must be submitted to the challenge post before each deadline. Please submit your icon in image and URL form, and for Hunt Challenges, include a note on how your icon fits the week's challenge. Example:

S = Singin' in the Rain

• Submission posting is anonymous. Please do not post your icons anywhere else, or use them, until the winners of the challenge have been announced.

• Please only submit new icons that have been made specifically for the challenge.

• When voting, please do not vote for your own icons, and please do not ask others to vote for you.

• New challenges are posted on Saturday at 06:00 AM (GMT). Voting will be opened on Thursday 16:00 PM (GMT), and will run through Saturday evening, when winners will be announced. Banners will be made for the winners.

• You must be a community member to vote, but you do not have to be an icon-maker to join the community. We need voters, too! :)

• Please do not take any icons without the icon-maker's permission. Challenge posts will be unscreened after winners are announced. You will then be able to contact creators for permission.

Questions or suggestions are always welcome!

Stuck for ideas? Visit our RESOURCES PAGE.

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Community Moderator is treeviolence. Credit goes to silsbee329 for starting the community.